NNFTRI holds 1st National Bee Conference & Exhibition

May 21, 2023 - 14:4

TEHRAN- National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute (NNFTRI) held the First National Bee Conference and Exhibition on Saturday.

Iman Mahdavian-Rad, the scientific secretary of the conference, pointed out the capacities and challenges of the beekeeping industry and said the real value of the honey bee, this valuable insect, is still not recognized in the world as it should be.

He said 60-70 percent of pollination in nature depends on this insect. So that with the removal of honeybees, humans will not live long. Pollination done by the honey bee helps a lot in the agriculture sector and if this insect disappears, the food security of the world will be in serious danger.

The scientific secretary of the National Bee Conference further stated that one of the challenges of the beekeeping industry is traditional methods, adding that traditional production has caused all capacities not to be used.

Mentioning other challenges in the country's beekeeping industry, he pointed to not existence of smart beehives and said this type of beehive controls all bee information from flights to pest control.

Mahdavian-Rad announced that some knowledge-based companies have done good work in the field of producing smart beehives, but it is expected that the responsible bodies will select and support the best examples by examining them.


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