Iran summons Swiss ambassador over phony flag image

May 22, 2023 - 21:49

TEHRAN- The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Sunday summoned Switzerland’s ambassador to Tehran in protest to the Swiss embassy’s decision to publish a picture of a fictitious Iranian flag while replicating a tweet by Switzerland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemning the execution of three persons involved in the killings of three security personnel in Isfahan in November 2022.

Following Switzerland’s “interfering stances” on Iran’s internal affairs and the Swiss embassy’s “unconventional and unprofessional” action to post an image of the fictitious flag on its Twitter account, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Switzerland’s ambassador Nadine Olivieri Lozano.

Iran’s complaint and displeasure were conveyed to the Swiss envoy, who was also reminded that such an “unconventional measure” is incompatible with the cordial relations between Tehran and Bern and has to be corrected.

The ambassador promised to inform Switzerland of Iran’s objection.

The execution of the three persons in Iran was denounced in the embassy tweet in Farsi. The original tweet on the Swiss ministry was in English with a different image.

The image that was sent along with the embassy tweet depicts a crowd of protestors in which a person flying an Iranian flag dating to the pre-Islamic Revolution era.

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