Praise for Strategic and Effective Law

May 24, 2023 - 22:6
Leader says Parliament's Strategic Action law on nuclear issue saved the country from quandary

TEHRAN - In a meeting with the speaker and members of Iran’s 11th Consultative Assembly, Iranian Parliament, on May 24, 2023, the Leader praised the parliament for the important measures it has taken by passing the “Strategic Action” law, underling that it has saved the country from a state of quandary in the nuclear issue.

During the meeting, which coincided with the anniversary of the Liberation of Khorramshahr (24th of May, 1982), the Leader honored the greatness and position of the Iranian Parliament and considered the legislative status of the Parliament to be much greater and more important than its supervisory position.

"Legislation is like building a railroad or more precisely, it is like building a road that determines the direction of movement of the other branches of government," he said. 

Imam Khamenei considered some of the bills that have been approved by the current parliament as strategic. "The Strategic Action Plan to lift sanctions was a fundamental and important resolution that saved the country from a state of quandary with regards to the nuclear issue. We can even see the results of its implementation on a global scale."

Imam Khamenei described the Family and Youth Protection Act as very important, while underlining that the knowledge-based production leap law is one of Parliament’s strategic enactments.

In describing the characteristics and performance of the 11th Consultative Assembly, the Leader of the Revolution stated, "After three years, I still consider this parliament to be revolutionary, young and dynamic. Of course, this is a general view that does not take into account the exceptions that may exist in the parliament."

Recognizing the country's problems and passing legislation to solve them was another characteristic that he described with regards to the current Parliament.

"Most of the laws to fight corruption, to eliminate discrimination and monopolization and to improve the business environment have been approved with decisiveness and clarity," he added.

The Leader of the Revolution considered "having a simple life, avoiding aristocratic behavior or looking down at people" as the characteristics of many of the representatives of the 11th Parliament.

He also strictly urged the members of the parliament to refrain from being influenced by the enemies’ propaganda, adding that factional considerations and groupings should definitely not play a role in the evaluation and approval of bills.

Imam Khamenei remarked that, "Because of different tastes, groupings have always existed in parliament, but we should not let it turn into a bipolarity. We should not let it take the place of justice and prudence while making decisions on legislative matters."

In the final part of his speech, Imam Khamenei provided the members of the parliament with some important recommendations.

While outlining his first word of advice, he referred to the duality of "rapprochement or destruction" in the parliament’s relationship with other branches of government, especially the executive branch. "In the destructive view, both parties see each other as rivals with the aim of uprooting each other. This view is dangerous and problematic for both the government and the parliament."

Combining piety and honesty with freedom and openness was another recommendation that the Leader made to the MPs. "Piety and honesty should be observed in cases where a public announcement [of an issue] is necessitated."

At the beginning of his speech, on the occasion of the third of Khordad, which marks the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr, Imam Khamenei congratulated the great nation of Iran for this miraculous epic.

The Leader also made a recommendation for people to read books that have been written about Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas.

"More important than this great victory are the initiatives, the war plans that can be taught in war colleges, the sacrifices and bravery of ordinary human beings, high-ranking martyrs, and other stories and facts that were seen in that unparalleled operation. We should not let these things fade or be forgotten."

At the beginning of this meeting, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of Iran's Islamic Parliament, gave a report on the performance of the 11th Parliament. He described "creating a road map for prioritization in legislation" as one of the most important distinguishing features of this term of the Parliament.


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