Hafez Tomb, Beautiful Historical Monument of Fars

April 25, 2002
TEHRAN - The tomb of Hafez is one of the most attractive historical and cultural tourist sites of Fars province because of its unique architecture and the immortal personality of Hafez.

A dome shaped structure was constructed for the tomb of Hafez in 856 A.H., 64 years after his death. In front of the dome, a pool was also built. Later on in 1189 A.H., Karimkhan Zand built an edifice consisting of a hall with 4 long stone pillars in front of which a large garden was also constructed. In addition, a marble stone, on which two of Sa'adi's sonnets were inscribed by Haj Aqasi Beig Afshar, were placed on the tomb of Hafez.

Some benevolent people repaired the site over a period of 160 years. In 1936 the late Ali Asghar Hekmat built the current building using Zand era architectural elements along with traditional elements of Iranian architecture with the help of a French architect.