Some Officials Creating Hurdles in Way of Campaign Against Corruption

June 18, 2002 - 0:0
TEHRAN -- Most of the cases being investigated by the State Inspectorate Organization (SIO) are related to economic corruption, said the head of the organization, Hojjatoleslam Raisi.

Talking to reporters, he added that two cases on the embezzlement of 100 billion rials and 120 billion rials respectively from the housing and urban development departments of Khuzestan and Qazvin provinces are currently being investigated by the organization.

About ten percent of the cases are sent to the Judiciary and the rest to the Executive, he said.

Referring to the alleged involvement of sons of some of the top clerics in economic corruption cases, he said that the SIO's investigations would not be deterred by the connections or position of the accused.

Referring to some cases of corruption in public organizations, he said that over 150 billion rials of raw materials and goods are imported into the country for the purpose of exporting the final products, but importers do not fulfil their commitments. More than 70 billion rials of goods are smuggled into the country via the Chahbahar region, he added.

He stated that about 170 public sector managers chartered a flight to Kish Island, adding that although it might have been a measure to reward hardworking officials, it was too expensive.

On the remarks of some people about the Petropars Co., he said that these remarks do not negate the report of the SIO, adding that the SIO's report was prepared independently.

There are a number of cooperatives which are nominally private but which, in fact, use public assets and services, he said, adding that the Takadu Co. in Isfahan is among such companies whose primary assets belong to the Isfahan Steel Mill.

These companies have become a cover where certain corrupt public servants conceal their offenses, he added.

The Budget Law has mentioned the names of about 500 companies, while more than 2,000 such companies are active, he said.

He stated that in some cases car manufacturing factories have signed contracts with private firms in which both the signatories are the same person or the relatives of the manager of the factory.

In some cases contracts for production of spare parts were awarded to people who do not have any experience and whose products are not up to standards.

He said that SIO officials believe that the implementation of the eight-point message of the Leader would guarantee domestic and foreign investments because the campaign against corruption and unhealthy administrative relations creates economic security.