• Rohingya 2018-09-04 10:46

    Bangladesh PM blasts Myanmar military for anti-Rohingya propaganda

    TEHRAN - Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has blasted the Myanmar regime for spreading disinformation about Rohingya Muslims presently stationed in Bangladesh’s refugee camps.

  • A faithful Muslim answers God’s calling 2018-09-02 15:19

    A faithful Muslim answers God’s calling

    Imam Reza (PBUH), known also as innocent and migrant, was not attached to “land”.

  • Rohingya 2018-09-02 10:35

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    ‘It’s been a horrendous year for Rohingya refugees, met with international inaction’

    TEHRAN - It has been one year since Rohingya Muslims were forced to leave Myanmar following brutal crackdown by Myanmar military with tacit support from the government. As per conservative estimates, there are around 905,000 Rohingya refugees presently in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar, although some human rights bodies have put the figure higher.

  • ISIS 2018/08/21

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Muslim unity key to defeating forces of Takfirism

    TEHRAN - For Muslims, the staggering fall from grace can largely be attributed to fragmentation in their ranks, exacerbated by the scourge of sectarianism fanned by divisive forces. The condition of Muslims today, in both the realms of spiritual and temporal, is appallingly poor.

  • Imran Khan 2018/07/29

    Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Imran Khan has the charisma and leadership traits. But will he deliver?

    As expected, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) had the last laugh in the bitterly-contested, violence-marred general election in Pakistan, enjoying success across the country. In results announced on Friday, PTI had won 114 seats, while its closest rival Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) had clinched 63 and Pakistan People’s Party 43 respectively.

  • Nawaz Sharif 2018/07/15

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Is Sharif’s arrest a blessing in disguise for PML-N ahead of Pakistan elections?

    TEHRAN - A week after being sentenced to 11- year prison term by an accountability court in the Avenfield properties case, the deposed Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam Nawaz were arrested upon their arrival in Lahore on Friday night.

  • Pakistan election 2018-07-12 13:07

    Pakistan army to deploy 371,000 troops to ensure free and secure election

    TEHTAN - To ensure free and secure upcoming general election, Pakistan army has said that it will deploy about 371,000 troops across the country, while rejecting reports that it was planning to rig the polls in favor of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan.

  • India 2018/07/10

    By: Syed Zafar Mehdi

    The difficulty of being a Muslim in BJP-ruled India today

    When the ruling party organizes an event to felicitate a group of criminals convicted in a lynching case and a senior union minister goes to meet and garland them, you should understand that something is terribly wrong.

  • Rohingya 2018-07-08 11:52

    Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Global response to Rohingya crisis astonishingly slow

    In the crammed and dingy refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, where almost a million Rohingya refugees are currently languishing in impoverished conditions, women who were gang-raped by Burmese security forces nearly 10 months ago are now giving birth to babies.

  • Muslim 2018-06-28 12:28

    By: Syed Zafar Mehdi

    “Hindu nationalists in India use hate politics to scapegoat religious minorities like Muslims”

    Prof. Dibyesh Anand is an Indian analyst, author and academic, based in the UK. He teaches at the University of Westminster, London. He is the author of book ‘Hindu Nationalism in India and the Politics of Fear’.

  • People visit the Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz, southern Iran. 2018-05-19 19:09

    Ramadan tips for foreign travelers

    TEHRAN - For many foreigners, traveling to Iran or other Muslim-majority countries are not complete without wandering around downtown streets and labyrinthine bazaars with savoring local street food.

  •  An interior view of the Shafei Jameh Mosque 2018-05-15 09:57

    A peek into Shafei Jameh Mosque

    Graced with intricate faience and stucco carvings

    TEHRAN – Graced with eye-catching architecture, the Shafei Jameh Mosque stands tall in the ancient city of Kermanshah in western Iran.

  • Trump 2018-01-17 02:25

    By Ahmad Mohammad Bagher

    Trump, the controversial president in 2017

    A year into his presidency, U.S. President Donald Trump has made overwhelmingly controversial decisions and has taken stances that affected the world one way or another.

  • Iran 2018-01-16 04:45

    By Abu Yahya Al Hassani

    What happening in Persia

    The latest unrest in Iran was not by no means worse than what happened to the country during the Shah time and later during Saddam Hussein’s ruling in Iraq.

  • CHTHO Deputy Director Mohammad Moheb-Khodai 2017-10-11 20:43

    Iran set to tap into Halal tourism

    TEHRAN – An Iranian tourism official says special attention should be paid to Halal tourism as an emerging economic powerhouse to materialize the goal of attracting 20 million tourists annually by 2025.

  • al-Aqsa mosque 2017-09-02 10:07

    Muslims offer Eid al-Adha prayers

    Muslims around the world celebrated the Eid al-Adha holiday on Friday, one of the holiest celebrations of the Islamic calendar. Palestinians flocked to al-Aqsa mosque for prayers. Muslims mark the holiday by slaughtering animals such as sheep and goats. The meat is shared among family and friends and also donated to the poor.

  • Myannmar 2017-07-17 09:07

    Congress shouldn’t let Burma backslide on democratic reforms

    As a political prisoner, Aung San Suu Kyi relied on the exiled television station Democratic Voice of Burma and magazine Irrawaddy to tell her story.

  • Trump 2017-06-28 04:09

    The travel ban at the Supreme Court

    Trump cares a lot about winning, or at least the appearance of it.

  • ISIRI Director Nayyereh Pirouzbakht in an undated photo 2017-06-18 10:17

    ISIRI plans to set standards to uphold halal tourism

    TEHRAN – The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) plans to establish a set of standards to promote Halal tourism in the country.

  • Turkey 2017-06-12 05:43

    Fehim Tastekin

    After rushing to Qatar's aid, Turkey may have to rethink its Mideast ties

    The only firm opposition to the “Let's Teach Qatar a Lesson” operation currently underway in the Middle East is coming from Turkey.

  • Trump 2017-06-08 09:52

    By Eugene Robinson

    Trump is out of control

    The statements President Trump issued on Twitter in recent days lead to a chilling conclusion: The man is out of control.

  • cleaning mosques 2017-05-27 10:27

    Muslim clean mosques in run-up to Ramadan  

    A few days prior to the fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims get into the ritual of cleaning and dusting community mosques to welcome the holy month. 

  • Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) shakes hands with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili in Tbilisi on April 18, 2017. 2017-04-19 19:08

    Zarif urges Georgia to recommit respect for Iranian tourists

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that Georgia should recommit to the respect for Iranian tourists.

  • Travel ban 2017-03-08 02:12

    By Farhana Khera & Johnathan Smith

    Don’t be fooled, Trump’s new Muslim ban is still illegal

    President Trump’s executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries experienced nearly universal defeat in the federal courts. On Monday, he issued a revised version of that order, but it still suffers from a fundamental, and fatal, flaw: It constitutes unlawful religious discrimination.

  • ISIL 2017-02-25 02:49

    By Paul R. Pillar

    Slower may be better in going at ISIL

    A couple of tendencies that are all too common in policymaking and policy debate tend to make for unwise foreign commitments or overextended foreign expeditions. 

  • U Ko Ni 2017-02-06 10:03

    A blow to Myanmar’s democracy

    The murder of U Ko Ni, a prominent Muslim lawyer and a key member of Myanmar’s governing National League for Democracy party, on Sunday is a serious blow to the country’s fragile democracy.

  • Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard 2017-02-04 10:12

    Quebec’s response to hate: more tolerance

    No society is immune to acts of terrorism, especially by a lone wolf driven by deep hatreds.

  • Taleb Rifai, the UNWTO Secretary General 2017-02-03 18:13

    UNWTO deeply concerned about U.S. travel ban

    TEHRAN – The United Nations World Tourism Organization has expressed its deep concern over U.S. barring doors to refugees and visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations.

  • Palestine 2017-01-26 20:39

    By Hanan Ashrawi

    Trump and the world must decide: justice or occupation

    The reaction to possible U.S. embassy move is a test of the world's commitment to peace.

  • People of Qom meet with Ayatollah Khamenei 2017-01-21 09:34

    Leader writes to European Muslim student associations

    TEHRAN – Students are expected to pursue scientific, religious, and ethical edification, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wrote to Europe-based Islamic student associations on Friday, his website reported.