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  • EU sending ‘wrong message’ with Iran aid package: U.S. envoy 2018-08-26 09:52

    EU sending ‘wrong message’ with Iran aid package: U.S. envoy

    TEHRAN – The top U.S. envoy on Iran has criticized a European Union decision to give $20.7 million in aid to Tehran on Friday, saying it sent “the wrong message at the wrong time,” Reuters reported.

  • پیام ظریف 2018-08-25 22:41

    Iran awaiting European guarantees on oil sales, banking: Zarif

    TEHRAN - Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said “We are still waiting for Europe to take action on the sale of Iranian oil and the preservation of banking channels,” according to ISNA.

  • UN invites Iran, Russia, Turkey to talks on Syria 2018-08-25 11:25

    UN invites Iran, Russia, Turkey to talks on Syria

    TEHRAN – UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura has invited Iran, Russia and Turkey to negotiations on Syria’s Constitutional Committee, a UN spokeswoman said on Friday. 

  • qassemi 2018-08-24 22:19

    ‘EU’s 18 million euro aid not related to package to save nuclear deal’

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Thursday that the European Union’s 18 million euro aid for Iran has nothing to do with a package supposed to be offered to save the 2015 nuclear deal.

  • پرچم ایران و اتحادیه اروپا 2018-08-24 22:07

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Never humiliate an Iranian!

    Over the past days we heard news about the European Union’s 18million euro aid to Iran (the JCPOA). The EU in an announcement said this was part of a greater package of 50 million euros. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini explained: “This new package will widen economic and sectoral relations in areas that are of direct benefit to our citizens.”

  • Mark Fitzpatrick 2018-08-20 11:50

    By Javad Heirannia

    EU blocking statute can't protect Iran against U.S. sanctions: Fitzpatrick

    TEHRAN - Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of International Institute for Strategic Studies says that the EU blocking statute cannot by itself protect Iran against the impact of U.S. sanctions because any firms that do business with the United States will still need to decide for themselves if it is worth risking this business for the sake of trade with Iran.

  • Frank N. von Hippel 2018-08-17 12:54

    By Javad Heirannia

    EU cannot force European companies to do business with Iran: ex-White House official

    TEHRAN – Professor Frank N. von Hippel, former assistant director for national security in the White House Office of Science and Technology says that “European companies would be protected with regard to their specific agreements with Iran but the EU cannot protect them from being excluded from the U.S. market if they trade with Iran.”

  • Araqchi: EU’s will to save JCPOA ‘still strong’ 2018-08-13 20:59

    Araqchi: EU’s will to save JCPOA ‘still strong’

    TEHRAN – Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on Monday that Europe’s political commitment to save the 2015 nuclear agreement “remains strong”.

  • EU believes Iran deal is working: Mogherini aide 2018-08-11 20:50

    EU believes Iran deal is working: Mogherini aide

    TEHRAN – The EU has never wavered in its support for the JCPOA as it wholeheartedly believes that the nuclear deal is a “good agreement that is working”, says Nathalie Tocci, an aide to EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

  • EU-U.S. 2018-08-09 11:12

    By Mohammad Ghaderi - Twitter: @ghaderi62 - Email:

    EU dying silently as it plays in Trump’s court

    The paradoxical approaches taken by the European authorities is definitely one of its kind! Over the past months, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has repeatedly emphasized that the EU can no longer rely on the United States to secure its interests.

  • هایکو ماس وزیر خارجه آلمان 2018-08-09 09:29

    We will fight for JCPOA, German FM says

    TEHRAN – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said that his country along with other European powers will fight for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, to keep it alive, even without the U.S.

  • mogherini 2018-08-07 21:06

    By staff and agency

    EU says encouraging trade with Iran is crucial to nuclear deal

    European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says the EU is encouraging enterprises to increase their business with Iran, as that country has been compliant with their nuclear-related commitments.

  • Hassan Rouhani 2018-08-06 23:38

    Rouhani to Trump: I have no precondition for talks, except U.S. compensate the past

    TEHRAN - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says he has no precondition for talks with the U.S., except that Washington “compensate” the past damage that it has done to Iran.

  • European Union 2018-08-06 15:23

    EU regrets U.S. sanctions on Iran, vows to protect European businesses

    The European Union said Monday it deeply regretted the U.S.' reimposition of sanctions on Iran after President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear pact, and vowed immediate steps to protect European companies.

  • Iranian politician calls for immediate EU action as U.S. sanctions loom 2018-08-05 21:05

    Iranian politician calls for immediate EU action as U.S. sanctions loom

    TEHRAN – An Iranian politician has called on the European Union to take an outright measure before imposition of the new U.S. sanctions if it is really willing to make up for the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.

  • مجلس سنای آمریکا 2018-07-31 11:27

    Snobbish GOP letter warns Germany, France, UK against bypassing sanctions on Iran 

    U.S. senators from the Republican Party have sent a letter to the embassies of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom in the United States with a warning against any possible moves to circumvent the Trump administration’s sanctions against Iran, the news portal reported on Sunday.

  • zarif 2018-07-18 21:13

    Europe underestimating its power, Zarif says 

    Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that the European Union can do more to bring about peace and stability to the Middle East, and needs to back-up its commitments with actions.

  • EU has set up $80b fund for SMEs doing business with Iran: report 2018-07-18 21:09

    EU has set up $80b fund for SMEs doing business with Iran: report

    TEHRAN – Mohammad-Hossein Adeli, the former secretary general of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), has said that the European Union has established an $80 billion fund to give credit to small and medium enterprises doing business with Iran, the Persian language Hamshahri newspaper reported on Wednesday.

  • EU, China reaffirm commitment to Iran deal 2018-07-16 21:13

    EU, China reaffirm commitment to Iran deal

    TEHRAN – The European Union (EU) and China issued a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal which was struck back in 2015, according to the EU website.

  • Kashmir 2018-07-15 10:25

    India’s Defence minister rejects UN report on Kashmir, terming it ‘baseless’

    TEHRAN _ India’s Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, rejecting the recently-released United Nations (UN) first-ever comprehensive report on human rights situation in Kashmir, has dubbed it “baseless”.

  • mogherini 2018-07-11 10:55

    By Hanif Ghaffari

    Decoding of EU's Approach towards JCPOA

    The joint commission of the JCPOA had recently held a meeting at ministerial level with the presence of Iran and the five remaining members of the nuclear deal.

  • lobelog 2018-07-08 11:04

    By staff and agency

    EU efforts to preserve nuclear deal is a battle to save world order: Lobelog

    In an article published on Friday, Lobelog said the efforts being made by the European Union to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal are actually a “battle to save” the world order.

  • council 2018-07-07 20:44

    Senior officials hold meeting on economic issues as U.S. sanctions loom

    TEHRAN – The Supreme Council for Economic Coordination held its fourth meeting on Saturday at the seat of the president to mull ways to counter the looming U.S. sanctions against Iran.

  • Daryl Kimball 2018-07-07 10:45

    By Javad Heirannia

    ‘EU and China could take steps within WTO to protect their trade relations with Iran’

    TEHRAN - Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association in Washington, is the opinion that “The reimposition of U.S. nuclear-related sanctions is a twofold abrogation of U.S. commitments under the JCPOA. Not only did the United States commit not to reimpose sanctions, Washington also committed not to interfere with the full realization of sanctions relief.”

  • Mohammad Ghaderi 2018-07-07 10:08

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Does Europe decide on independence from U.S. finally?

    TEHRAN - The 4+1 Summit was launched in Vienna Friday to try to repair the damage done when the U.S. reneged on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA.

  • zarif 2018-07-07 08:56

    EU has no new request from Iran for its economic package: Zarif

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday that the European Union has no new request from Iran for offering its economic package to save the 2015 nuclear agreement, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

  • نشست کمیسیون مشترک برجام در وین 2018-07-06 21:17

    Iran tells EU to implement guarantees before U.S. sanctions return

    Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has called on European powers to implement economic measures to protect the 2015 nuclear deal before U.S. sanctions against Tehran snap back between August and November.

  • Nicholas Onuf 2018-07-04 11:25

    By Javad Heirannia

    Capitalism is weakening: Professor Onuf

    TEHRAN – Professor Nicholas Onuf, a primary figure among constructivists in international relations, tells the Tehran Times that “I expect the world situation to worsen—and not just in the short run.”

  • Rohingya 2018-07-03 09:49

    UN chief applauds Bangladesh for ‘opening borders’ to Rohingya refugees

    United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, who visited Bangladesh on Sunday, applauded the country for giving refuge to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees driven from their homes in Myanmar through ‘systematic and widespread violence’, said a statement issued by the UN.

  • Pakistan 2018-07-03 09:47

    Pakistan has achieved major gains in fight against terrorism

    Pakistan has achieved major gains in the fight against terrorism, but international cooperation is needed to eliminate the menace across the world, Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said on Saturday.