550 and 850 individuals


  • پلنگ ایرانی 2019-10-01 11:57

    By Jamshid Parchizadeh

    Persian leopard’s global range

    The Persian leopard is classed as “Endangered” on the Red List of the “International Union for Conservation of Nature” with an estimated population size of 871 to 1,290 individuals. It occurs: 1) throughout Iran, 2) southern Turkmenistan, 3) parts of Afghanistan, 4) northwestern and southern Azerbaijan, 5) northeastern Iraq, 6) southwestern Dagestan in the Russian Federation, 7) southern and southwestern Armenia, 8) eastern and southeastern Turkey, 9) eastern and southeastern Georgia, 10) parts of Pakistan, 11) small parts of Tajikistan, and 12) probably small parts of Uzbekistan.