Bahador Aminian


  • Bahador Aminian 2022-04-12 22:14

    Ambassador: Iran does not mistreat Afghan refugees

    TEHRAN— The ambassador of Iran to Kabul said in an interview on Tuesday that it is not the policy of the Iranian government to misbehave Afghan immigrants, saying videos circulated on social media are bogus that are intended to create rift between Iran and Afghanistan.

  • Dialogue 2021-11-09 21:10

     Iran steps up Afghan diplomacy

    TEHRAN – After a short lull in its Afghanistan diplomacy, Iran is once again putting more energy and time into its efforts to bring peace and stability to its easter neighbor, where the Taliban are now grappling with daunting challenges. 

  • Bahador Aminian 2021-11-05 21:09

    Iranian ambassador meets Taliban officials in Ghazni

    TEHRAN — The Iranian ambassador to Kabul has promised that his country is ready to cooperate to reconstruct and restore historical monuments in Ghazni province.