China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)


  • Lessons from the Indian brinkmanship 2019-03-09 10:40

    By Asif Durrani

    Lessons from the Indian brinkmanship

    What lessons have we learnt from Mr. Modi’s misadventure in the past week? Alertness to face the enemy on the diplomatic and military fronts has been the major takeaway for Pakistan of this episode which won accolades globally from friends and foes. The second important lesson which our policy makers may have learnt is that in the international arena, it is your own prowess which saves the day for you. Third and most important gain from Pakistan’s point of view has been the internationalization of Kashmir dispute, much to the chagrin of India. Fourth, and pleasantly surprising for Pakistan, was Russian offer of mediation between Pakistan and India, which, of course, India did not like a bit.

  • Atta Rasool Malik 2019-01-08 14:08

    By Atta Rasool Malik

    CPEC invites hybrid warfare against Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD - All wars are costly in lives and treasure. Through the ages, this fundamental truth has driven military strategists to search for a quick and inexpensive victory in battle. The ultimate aim of any contesting nation is to force an unwilling enemy government to accept peace on their terms. In democratic countries, generally the actions of that hostile government are based upon the will of the people, therefore no victory can be complete until that ‘will’ is reshaped or molded.