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  • A couple takes a look at the Golden Bowl of Hasanlu, which dates from ca. 900 BC, during a visit to the National Museum of Iran, downtown Tehran. 2020-07-06 21:00

    Magnificent Hasanlu undergoing restoration project

    TEHRAN – A rehabilitation and restoration project has been commenced on millennia-old Hasanlu, a magnificent archaeological site in northwestern Iran, which is highly hopped to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in the near future.

  • The Gold Bowl of Hasanlu, ca. 900 BC, National Museum of Iran 2020-04-17 20:00

    Visits to millennia-old Hasanlu jumps 27 percent yr/yr

    TEHRAN - The number of foreign and domestic tourists visiting the millennia-old site of Hasanlu in northwest Iran jumped 27 percent in the past Iranian calendar year (March 2019-20) compared with a year earlier.

  • Foreign travelers visit the ruins of Hasanlu, a millennia-old archaeological site in northwest Iran. 2019-10-20 19:13

    Foreign visits to millennia-old Hasanlu on the rise

    TEHRAN – Foreign visits to Hasanlu, a millennia-old archaeological site in northwest Iran, has been on the rise over the past couple of months, director of the historical site has said.