Israeli Prime Minister


  • Sayed Hassan Nasrallah 2019-05-29 12:07

    By Hamid Bayati

    Nasrallah warns against changes in Middle East

    TEHRAN - These days, Middle East is facing a torrent of events that seem to be born out of conspiracies and compromises. The changes that will threaten peace in the region. It seems that U.S. President, Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are trying to draw their own advantages by carrying out new plans in Middle East.   

  • Benjamin Netanyahu 2019-01-22 16:54

    By Philip Giraldi

    Benefiting Israel Tops U.S. Congressional Agenda

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously was unaware that he was being filmed when he commented that “America is a thing you can move very easily, moved in the right direction.” His predecessor Ariel Sharon was even more to the point when he reportedly said “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that …don’t worry about American pressure; I tell you, we, the Jewish people, control America and the American people know it!”

  • Intelligence Ministry disbands foreign currency, gold smugglers 2018-12-22 10:17

    Iranian Intelligence Ministry calls Netanyahu’s remarks ‘delusional’ 

    TEHRAN - The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has rejected claims by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Tel Aviv’s agents routinely visit Iran for spying on Tehran’s nuclear program, saying such “delusional remarks” are only intended to ease the pressure on him over revelations that Iran successfully has infiltrated into Israel’s spy services.