Mahdi Ajam


  • “Orange Juice in Operation Karbala-5” 2022-05-21 18:47

    “Orange Juice in Operation Karbala-5” unveiled

    The book "Orange Juice in Operation Karbala-5," by Mahdi Ajam, was unveiled with 135 brief stories of doctors and nurses who worked in Baqiyatallah Al-Azam Hospital during the tough days of COVID-19.

  • Orange juice in Karbala 5 operation 2022-01-30 17:51

    An interview with Mahdi Ajam about his book "Orange juice in Karbala 5 operation

    Let’s keep the nurses' memories of the Covid

    "Orange juice in Karbala 5 operation" is the first book by Mahdi Ajam that has been published by Soore Mehr and the first book about the memories of doctors and nurses during the Covid pandemic.