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  • Gigaku Mask of Suiko-o (Drunken Persian King); Nara period, 8th century; Shosoin (The Shosoin Treasures); (On exhibit from October 14 to November 4, 2019 at Tokyo National Museum) 2020-01-22 18:35

    Tokyo exhibit features ancient Iran-Japan cultural ties

    TEHRAN – Sets of valuable historical relics from ancient Iran have been recently put on show by International Network for Japanese Art at Tokyo National Museum along with exquisite objects from the formative Asuka and Nara periods (593–794), showcasing the deep cultural ties of the two countries rooted in the historical past.

  • Archeological find corroborates Japan-Persia ancient ties 2020-01-14 19:45

    Archeological find corroborates Japan-Persia ancient ties

    TEHRAN – Japan has unveiled a rare discovery of ties between the then mighty empire of the East and people from the then Persia (now called Iran).