Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP)


  • Husain Haqqani 2018-11-11 09:45

    By Ishaal Zehra - Daily national herald tribune journalist

    Haqqanis- Blue-Eyed of U.S.

    ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has been caught in between the two Haqqanis’ who are somehow obsessed with this country. One is the notorious Haqqani network and the other is Husain Haqqani – Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States.

  •  general election in Pakistan 2018-06-28 13:02

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    July 25 general election in Pakistan to be bitterly contested

    With less than a month to go for general election in Pakistan, campaigning has gained momentum across the country. Political parties are pulling out all the stops to woo voters, especially in their traditional bastions. Some parties are banking on old warhorses while some parties are introducing fresh faces this time.