• کمک داور ویدئویی - VAR 2021-05-23 16:03

    VAR not to be implemented next season: official

    TEHRAN – The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will not be implemented next season in Iran Professional League (IPL), Khodadad Afsharian, head of Iran football federation’s Referees Committee said.

  • دربی ۹۵ 2021-05-17 18:46

    By Farrokh Hesabi

    Iran football needs VAR as well as cultural improvement

    TEHRAN - The lack of modern technology in Iranian football has become evident after some dubious decisions in recent weeks of the Iran Professional League (IPL).

  • بازی تیم فوتبال سپاهان اصفهان و پرسپولیس 2021-05-10 17:15

    By Masoud Hossein

    VAR; highest priority for Iran football

    TEHRAN - Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) has failed to fulfill its promise for over a year for video assistant referee (VAR) implementation and the country’s football pays the price for that.

  • لوگوی فدراسیون فوتبال 2021-02-22 13:58

    By Masoud Hossein

    The curious case of Iran football

    TEHRAN – Iran football needs six more days to know its new president. The crisis-hit football is running by Heydar Baharvand since December 2019 and it’s the curious case of our football.

  • Referee 2020-11-23 17:43

    By Masoud Hossein

    War of statements in IPL

    TEHRAN – Just two weeks after start of Iran Professional League (IPL), the teams have started to release statements against each other.

  • AFC Champions League 2020-08-24 13:51

    VAR to be used in ACL from quarters

    TEHRAN - The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system will be used from the quarterfinals stage of the 2020 AFC Champions League, Asia’s soccer governing body said on Monday.

  • حیدر بهاروند 2020-07-21 18:47

    Iran to use VAR from next season: FFIRI top official

    TEHRAN - The Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) acting president Heydar Baharvand has said that the federation is planning to implement the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in the Iran Professional League (IPL) from the next season.

  • VAR 2018-12-21 16:02

    Iran to use VAR in domestic league: official

    TEHRAN - Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) President Mehdi Taj has said the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be used in the country’s league.

  • علیرضا فغانی 2018-06-04 05:16

    Alireza Faghani on retirement after 2018 World Cup

    TEHRAN - Alireza Faghani, Iranian international referee, has hinted that he may retire from officiating after the 2018 World Cup.