Yazd Province


  • Yazd 2019-11-10 17:47

    President inaugurates major development projects in central province

    TEHRAN- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated some major development projects in the central province of Yazd on Sunday, IRNA reported.

  • File photo:  Zoroastrians observe Pir-e Sabz rituals 2019-06-12 20:21

    Zoroastrians to observe Pir-e Sabz pilgrimage in Yazd

    TEHRAN – Once again it’s time to celebrate Pir-e Sabz or Chak-Chak, a congregational pilgrimage observed by clusters of Zoroastrian pilgrims from all over Iran.

  •  henna rubbing 2017-10-20 12:21

    Mazari, a profession dating to 700 years 

    Mazari, or henna rubbing, is an old profession peculiar to Yazd Province. Its history goes to 700 years back. The industry has its origin to trades between businesspersons from Yazd province with those from India, Pakistan and Arab states in the Persian Gulf region. Today the industry only exists in Yazd province due to its climatic situation.  The profession attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists in Yazd, the capital of the province with the same name.