Yemen war


  • Yemen 2022-03-09 21:13

    Deafening silence for Yemen, loud outcry for Ukraine

    TEHRAN — As the Yemen war is raging unabatedly, the international community maintains its deafening silence on the atrocities led by the Saudis in Yemen.

  • Yemen War 2022-01-29 21:32

    Fighting subsides in Yemen as UAE-backed forces retreat

    TEHRAN – Yemeni forces trained and backed by the United Arab Emirates have announced the end of their military operations after a month of severe fighting that resulted in the Sanaa-based forces targeting Abu Dhabi with missiles and drones. 

  • UN to cut food aid to Yemen due to lack of funds 2021-12-22 17:06

    UN to cut food aid to Yemen due to lack of funds

    TEHRAN - The World Food Programme has said it has been “forced” to cut aid to Yemen due to a lack of funds and warned there will be a surge in hunger in the war-torn country in the coming months.

  • Yemen’s revolution leader on surrender and martyrdom  2021-12-19 21:26

    Yemen’s revolution leader on surrender and martyrdom 

    TEHRAN - The leader of the popular Revolution in Yemen says the events developing in the country today are a testimony that “achieving the goals of the aggression has become impossible.”

  • Saudi warplanes launch massive airstrikes across Yemen 2021-12-06 21:42

    Saudi warplanes launch massive airstrikes across Yemen

    TEHRAN - Saudi Arabia has upped the ante in the war on Yemen by conducting a new round of airstrikes targeting various areas across the crisis-hit country, as Riyadh and its regional allies forge ahead with their devastating war and brutal siege against the Yemeni people.

  • Rights groups demand Yemen war probe 2021-12-03 17:24

    Rights groups demand Yemen war probe

    THERAN - Sixty human rights organizations are demanding that the United Nations General Assembly establish a fresh committee comprising of independent experts to seriously probe potential war crimes committed during the war on Yemen. The rights groups are calling for a body to "investigate and publicly report on the most serious violations and abuses of international law committed.” They also want the evidence to be preserved for possible prosecution of the perpetrators of any crimes in the future.

  • UN warns of catastrophic Yemen death toll 2021-11-24 18:12

    UN warns of catastrophic Yemen death toll

    TEHRAN - The United Nations has warned that should the war on Yemen continue until the end of 2021, the death toll from the conflict will reach 377,000 lives with 154,000 as a result of direct combat and violence and 223,000 – or nearly 60 per cent – indirectly caused by the conflict. The report says of the total deaths, 259,000 – nearly 70 per cent of total conflict-attributable deaths – are children younger than five years old.

  • Mehran Kamrava 2021-11-13 16:32

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Saudis have realized they need modus vivendi with Iran: professor

    ‘Saudis no longer seeing Persian Gulf security as a zero-sum game’

    TEHRAN - A professor of government at Georgetown University in Qatar says that the Saudis have found out that they need to work with Iran within a modus vivendi.

  • Yemeni forces, allies make major progress in southern Ma’rib 2021-11-12 17:46

    Yemeni forces, allies make major progress in southern Ma’rib

    TEHRAN - Yemeni army forces, backed by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have made more significant gains in the country’s oil-producing central province of Ma’rib, seizing control over a strategic region south of the provincial capital.

  • Andrew Korybko 2021-11-12 17:46

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Biden hasn’t done much to end war on Yemen: analyst

    TEHRAN - A geopolitical analyst says the Biden administration has failed to advance the policy of ending the war on Yemen.

  • Hossein Askari 2021-11-10 16:04

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    MBS does not have an honest bone in his body: GWU professor

    TEHRAN – A professor from the George Washington University says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is not honest when he talks about reforms.

  • Yemeni forces penetrate Saudi-backed militants’ last defense lines in Ma’rib 2021-11-08 18:17

    Yemeni forces penetrate Saudi-backed militants’ last defense lines in Ma’rib

    TEHRAN - The Yemeni army and allied fighters from popular committees have achieved a “key military breakthrough” in Ma’rib, penetrating “the last defense lines” of Saudi-backed militants in the northern part of the province.

  • Charles Ortel 2021-11-08 17:53

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Saudi ties are deep with both established parties in U.S.: American writer

    TEHRAN – An American writer says that the U.S. with its two main parties (Democrats and Republicans) have deep ties with Saudi Arabia.

  • Rapid advances of Yemeni army forces in Ma’rib 2021-11-06 16:20

    Rapid advances of Yemeni army forces in Ma’rib

    TEHRAN - Yemeni forces and allied fighters from Popular Committees have captured a key military base occupied by Saudi militants loyal to former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in the country's strategic oil-rich province of Ma’rib, and moved closer to the heart of energy reserves in the area.

  • Biden reneges on campaign pledge with Saudi arms sale 2021-11-05 21:02

    Biden reneges on campaign pledge with Saudi arms sale

    TEHRAN - This is what the U.S. candidate in the Presidential campaign race Joe Biden said if he reached the White House “I would make it very clear, we are not going to in fact sell more weapons to [Saudi Arabia] ... we are going to make them in fact the pariah that they are.”

  • Massoud Maalouf 2021-11-02 21:30

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Lebanese believe Riyadh overreacted on Cordahi’s remarks: ex-diplomat

    TEHRAN - A former Lebanese ambassador to Chile, Poland, and Canada says most of Lebanese people think that Saudi Arabia overreacted when it decided to cut diplomatic ties with Lebanon due to remarks by George Cordahi, who has been appointed as information minister in the new government of Najib Mikati.

  • Yemen makes strategic gains against Saudis 2021-10-27 00:00

    Yemen makes strategic gains against Saudis

    TEHRAN - The spokesman for Yemen’s armed forces had provided details of a massive offensive carried out by the country’s armed forces dubbed operation Spring of Victory (Rabi Al Naser). Speaking at a live presentation of the latest military gains, Yahya Sare’e gave details of the retaliatory action against Saudi Arabia and the militants it backs in the Yemeni provinces of Ma’arib and Shabwah.

  • ‘Shameful milestone’ in Yemen as 10,000 children killed from violence 2021-10-20 18:33

    ‘Shameful milestone’ in Yemen as 10,000 children killed from violence

    TEHRAN - UNICEF spokesperson James Elder has just returned from Yemen and has more grim news about children living in what the United Nations describes as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Addressing a press briefing in Geneva, he says, “The Yemen conflict has just hit another shameful milestone: 10,000 children have been killed or maimed since Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign started in March 2015. That’s the equivalent of four children every day.”

  • Saudis “serious” in talks with Iran 2021-10-15 17:30

    Saudis “serious” in talks with Iran

    TEHRAN - Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has said the kingdom is “serious” about talks with Iran, signaling Riyadh’s desire to repair relations between the two sides following multiple offers by Iran to ease tensions with a number of initiatives that Tehran has publicly announced and presented the international arena.

  • Joost R. Hiltermann 2021-10-11 21:58

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Double standards on human rights are the norm, not the exception: expert

    TEHRAN - MENA Program Director at the International Crisis Group says that double standard on human rights has turned to a norm and no longer is an exception as great states in the world sponsor futile wars, especially in Yemen.

  • Spox 2021-08-22 21:33

    Tehran denies Iranian national killed in Yemen

    TEHRAN – Iran has dismissed remarks by a member of the resigned government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi claiming that an Iranian national has been killed in Yemen, calling it “basically false.”

  • Iran 2021-08-09 21:50

    Iran says Saudi Arabia still seeking military solution to Yemen crisis

    TEHRAN – Iran on Monday expressed regret that Saudi Arabia still pursues a military solution to the Yemen crisis, saying that this approach will result in nothing other than death and destruction. 

  • Yemen 2021-07-18 21:21

    PM Saleh bin Habtoor praises Iran’s position toward Yemen

    TEHRAN — Iranian Ambassador to Yemen Hassan Irloo met with Abdul Aziz Saleh bin Habtoor, the prime minister of the Yemeni National Salvation Government, in Sanaa on Saturday.

  • Khaji 2021-07-14 02:04

    Iranian, Swedish diplomats discuss Yemen crisis in Tehran

    TEHRAN – A senior Iranian diplomat has met with a Swedish diplomat in charge of following the crisis in Yemen.

  • Yemen War 2021-07-12 20:29

    Report reveals Saudi crimes against Yemenis

    TEHRAN – A human rights group monitoring the Yemen situation has revealed a shocking amount of damage caused by Saudi Arabia during its war in the Arab country.

  • Yemeni War 2021-06-06 20:40

    Oman embarks on new Yemen diplomacy

    TEHRAN – In a rare public visit, a high-ranking Omani delegation from the Royal Office arrived in Sanaa Saturday to renew diplomatic efforts aimed at bringing peace to war-torn Yemen after international efforts in that regard failed to bridge the gap between the warring sides in Yemen. 

  • International conference on law and armed conflicts to be held in Qom 2021-05-02 17:31

    International conference on law and armed conflicts to be held in Qom

    A conference on Yemen war and International Law of Armed Conflicts to be held in Qom on 06 May 2021.

  • الطيران اليمني المسير 2021-04-11 20:02

    Yemeni forces launch retaliatory drone strike against Saudi airport, air base

    Yemeni armed forces and fighters from allied Popular Committees have separately carried out fresh retaliatory airstrikes against Saudi Arabia, targeting military aircraft hangars at an airport in the kingdom’s southern Jizan region and an air base in Asir.

  • Saudi- Yemen 2021-03-08 21:48

    U.S. provides Saudis with opportunity for face-saving exit from Yemen quagmire

    A blessing in disguise

    TEHRAN – The Biden administration has ramped up diplomatic pressure on the Saudis to convince them into bringing an end to the Yemen war.

  • Saudi-Yemen 2021-03-01 21:29

    Yemeni forces advance toward Marib despite U.S.-backed Saudi brutal campaign

    A Saudi-American fiasco

    TEHRAN – Yemen’s government forces have launched a liberation campaign to capture the strategic province of Marib while initiating a new operation against Saudi Arabia, a move that indicates the growing capabilities of the Sanaa government despite the Saudi-led war on Yemen.