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  • More disturbing research on U.S. gun sales amid civil war fears 2021-12-22 00:10

    More disturbing research on U.S. gun sales amid civil war fears

    TEHRAN - The sale of firearms in the United States increased sharply during 2020-2021 compared to 2019, with a massive five million adults becoming gun owners for the first time between January 2020 and April 2021 compared to 2.4 million adults in 2019. The revelation by new research on first time gun ownership will be of major concern to a country that could not be more polarized in its modern history.

  • Israel 2021-05-14 20:26

    Civil war breaks out in Israel

    TEHRAN – In the latest blow to the Israeli myth of co-existence with Palestinians, a mob of extremist Jews attacked, and in some cases lynched, defenseless Palestinians living inside Israel, a move that prompted some Israeli leaders to warn of a civil war.

  • civil war 2020/11/21

    By Sonja van den Ende  

    The U.S. is on the brink of a civil war

    The President of the U.S. is just a puppet of the deep-state

    The U.S. election is far from over, even though, the Western MSM (regular media) was quick to announce that Joe Biden won the election. President Trump promised his voters, that he will fight until it becomes clear, that according to him a massive ‘fraud’ has been conducted by the Democrats and therefore, as he, Trump, calls it the deep-state, will not recognize the outcome.

  • jim dean 2020/10/14

    By Jim W. Dean

    Is the U.S. facing a political civil war?

     (How bad is the U.S. political schism going to get?)

    When a Continental Convention was adjourning in 1787, a spectator called out to Ben Franklin, “What kind of government will we have? He answered, “A republic if you can keep it, sir.” That admonition is what anti-Trump people are facing now.

  • Libya 2020-05-13 12:22

    Libyans stuck in a bloody civil war since 2011! Who is guilty?

    It is approximately a decade that people in Libya have been deeply suffering from occupation, civil war, terrorism, massacre, explosions, insecurity and instability, causing the African nation to come to the conclusion that those who ousted dictator Moammar Khadafy knew well that it was easier for them to blow up a nation than create a stable peace.     

  • Lebanon protesters 2019-10-28 22:16

    Protesters block roads as Lebanon reels under unrest

    Protesters have blockaded major roads in Lebanon, including the main north-south highway, defying pleas from top leaders who have warned of a new civil war in the country.