economic war


  • Rouhani 2021-01-25 11:56

    Rouhani says U.S. suffered defeat in economic war on Iran

    TEHRAN - President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the Iranian nation has won the economic war waged by the U.S., stressing that a bright future is awaiting Iranians.

  • Rouhani 2020-11-25 11:24

    Rouhani: Thank God world got rid of Trump

    ‘We have had two sacred defenses, one against Iraq and the other against the Trumpists’

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani has expressed satisfaction over the defeat of U.S. President Donald Trump in the November 3 presidential election, saying “thank God that the Americans and the world got rid of Trump”.

  • Ghalibaf 2020-10-20 14:56

    Ghalibaf calls for wise measures amid U.S. economic war

    TEHRAN – Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagheri Ghalibaf on Monday called for wise political decisions, saying Iran is in a full-blown economic war which demands careful decision-making.

  • Montazeri prosecutor general 2020-09-26 21:14

    Prosecutor general: “Economic war is harder than military war”

    TEHRAN – National Prosecutor General Mohammad-Jafar Montazeri said on Saturday that “economic war is harder than military war.” The prosecutor general was openly referring to Donald Trump’s economic war against Iran in line with his administration’s policy of “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.

  • Jahangiri 2019-12-17 19:53

    Private sector playing pivotal role in countering economic war: Jahangiri

    TEHRAN- Es’haq Jahangiri, the first vice-president, said on Tuesday that the private sector has been assisting the government in confronting the U.S. economic war against Iran.

  • sanctions 2019-12-16 16:12

    Iran to U.S. Treasury: Sanctions are the war itself 

    TEHRAN - The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, in a post on his official Twitter account on Monday, rejected U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s remarks that sanctions are alternative to war, noting that sanctions are exactly economic war. 

  • Mohammad Javad Zarif 2019-10-09 17:20

    Economic war has targeted people’s health, Zarif laments

    TEHRAN - Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that the United States’ sanctions and economic war on Iran have targeted the ordinary people’s health and livelihood.

  • Zarif NBC 2019-06-02 21:28

    FM Zarif says “the only thing that works with Iran is respect”

    Zarif: 'We don't differentiate between economic war and military war'

    Iran will not be intimidated by President Trump’s "art of the deal pressure" by using economic sanctions to push Iran to negotiate a new nuclear deal, the country's top diplomat told ABC News.

  • IRGC chief: Iran in economic war with enemy 2019-01-15 22:51

    IRGC chief: Iran in economic war with enemy

    TEHRAN – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Mohammad Ali Jafari on Tuesday highlighted reasons behind financial problems facing the country, saying the Islamic Republic is in an economic war with the enemy.

  • Richard Dalton, the former British ambassador to Tehran, 2018-11-17 12:32

    Ex-UK envoy to Tehran: Trump’s economic war on Iran doomed to failure

    Richard Dalton, the former British ambassador to Tehran, has written an article predicting that Donald Trump’s “economic war on Iran is doomed to failure”.