IranianTV broadcasts confessions by U.S. agents

July 21, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) aired a program Wednesday night featuring three Iranian-born U.S. agents detained in Iran for acting against its national security.

The program aired by the Channel One was simultaneously broadcast on IRI News Network (IRINN). It was a special program on Haleh Esfandiari, 67, head and founder of the Middle East Program of Wilson Center in the United States financed by the U.S. Congress. Esfandiari, Yahya Kian Tajbakhsh and Ramin Jahanbeglou were arrested in Iran for engaging in subversive activities. According to Esfandiari, the Wilson Center was acting as a link between Iranians and U.S. organizations and foundations whose main objective was to fortify the social trends that act in line with the interests of the aliens. She added that the center's Iran-related activities and programs were sponsored and financed by the Soros Foundation, a U.S. body owned by George Soros who has played a key role in the schemes leading to colorful revolutions in some former Soviet republics in the recent years. The second agent who spoke in the program was Yahya Kian Tajbakhsh, 46, who acted as a consultant and coordinator of the Soros Foundation in Iran-related affairs. Ramin Jahanbeglou, 51, was the third agent talking in the program who said he had started his cooperation with U.S. political institutes in 2001