Neo-Andalucian dawn

December 10, 2007 - 0:0

There is a general reawakening taking place in the Islamic world.

A number of groups are associated with this reawakening and one of them is the Neo-Andalucian movement, which is a progressive pan-Islamic movement.
They use the appellation Neo-Andalucian because Muslim Andalucia was a center of learning and, at least for a time, a very tolerant place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in peace and harmony for the most part.
Muslim scholars like Ibn Arabi and non-Muslim scholars like Maimonides arose in Andalucia.
Islam teaches Muslims to seek out knowledge and to be tolerant toward non-Muslims who are not at war with Islam.
Also, the fall of Andalucia in 1492 marked the beginning of the 500-year decline of the Islamic world.
The Neo-Andalucians want to start an Islamic revival to end this 500-year decline, hence the identification with Andalucia.
Of course, the ideal Islamic state was Medina during the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household).
However, we don’t have the Prophet now, just as the Andalucians didn’t have the benefit of the presence of the Prophet.
This is a parallel between modern times and the era of Muslim Andalucia.
The Neo-Andalucians are seeking to start a new Islamic Renaissance, unite the Islamic world, and uplift the oppressed Muslim masses.
Since the U.S. neoconservatives are enemies of Islam, many people believe there will be a clash between the neocons and the Neo-Andalucians.
However, the neocons are the straw dogs of the paleocons, who will discard the neocons when they have outlived their usefulness.
The real clash will be between the Neo-Andalucians and the paleocons of the Henry Kissinger school of realpolitik.
The paleocons view any progressive pan-Islamist movement as a serious threat.
As a matter of fact, the spies of the paleocons have been providing covert support to every backwards, intolerant movement that calls itself Islamic in order to sully the image of Islam.
They are doing this in a futile attempt to hinder the expansion of Islam.
In the United States alone, over five million people have converted to Islam over the past 40 years, and many people are converting to Islam in the rest of the world, too.
This is a nightmare for the enemies of Islam, who are trying to make all the people in the world atheist as part of their plan for global hegemony.
The paleocon globalists know that a people cut off from their religious and cultural roots are easily controlled.
This is why the paleocons fear Islam and the strong faith of the Muslims.
There are many interpretations of Islam, but there is only one Islam since there is only one Holy Quran, one qibla (direction of prayer), one hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, and one Friday prayers ceremony.
These factors unite the Muslims, despite their differences.
The globalists are at war with Islam and are using cultural destruction, negative globalization, neoliberal economic exploitation, and the so-called war on terrorism to realize their objectives in this war.
The real war is the cultural war for the souls of the people, not the war for the people’s money, resources, and territories.
In an article entitled “Al-Andalus, the lost pearl” published in the September 7, 2005 edition of the Tehran Times, Aliefudien Al-Almany wrote:
“Out of the Andalus experience we can learn many things. We Muslims have to realize that Allah, the Most High, helps us if we help Him in His cause. This means that if we practice our religion -- pray, pay zakat to the needy people, and do good deeds, then success is guaranteed -- not only in the next life, but also in this life.”
“Muslims are looking forward to a second, a third, and many more Andalusias, where they can live in peace, justice, prosperity, and dignity together with all kinds of people from other religions. However, sacrifices must be made.”
Yes, we must create many more Andalucias, and yes, sacrifices must be made.
To uphold the banner of Islam and defend the faith, to start the new Islamic Renaissance, unite the Islamic world, and uplift the oppressed Muslim masses, we must strengthen our faith, dedicate ourselves to the cause of Islam, and struggle hard for the cause of Allah.