Iran rules out aiding Afghan opposition

June 26, 2008 - 0:0

Kabul (IRNA) -- The Iranian Embassy in Kabul on Wednesday denied accusations that it is assisting opposition factions in Afghanistan.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Iranian Embassy said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran, along with the international community, has played active role in combat against terrorism. The country has been itself one of the main victims of terrorism in the world.”
The statement said that baseless and illogical allegation made by London over Iran's support for dissidents of the Afghan government has been politically motivated.
The Iranian Embassy reiterated that the Afghan officials have repeatedly rejected existence of any kind of documents on the issue and have stressed Iran's positive and effective role in establishment of security and reconstruction efforts in that war-torn country.
Such spiteful news are disseminated while the British officials, have had connections with the Afghan opposition, against the will of the Afghan nation and government, in a way that expulsion of their diplomat from Afghanistan revealed their deceitful picture, the statement said, adding, “Therefore, London should be responsive to its own dual behavior.”