80% of petitions for divorce filed by women

May 19, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- A new research conducted by Shahid Beheshti University showed that 80% of petitions for divorce were filed by women in the first five years of marriage.

Head of the research group, Majid Abhari blamed women’s power of attorney in divorce as the main reason behind such a great rate of petitions filed by women.
According to the research, unemployment, poverty, addiction, and consequently lack of mutual understanding are the biggest cause of discords in marriage.
Abhari called divorce the greatest social problems and said that getting married without knowing each other well, sometimes based on puppy loves, disregarding cultural, financial, and religious differences, and seeking to live in the lap of luxury are the major factors in marital breakdown.
Abhari also described lack of spirituality as being highly effective in stretching couples’ patience, and resolving their discords.
According to figures of state Birth Registration Organization, there were a number of 110,510 divorces recorded in 1387 (March 2008-March 2009).
Men aged between 25 and 29 and women 20 to 24 accounts for the highest rate of divorce, the figure showed.
There was a rise of 11% in the country’s divorce rate, compared with the last year