The private sector’s questions for presidential candidates

May 26, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN - The Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines (ICCIM) issued a statement on Monday containing a list of 25 questions for presidential candidates and urged them to answer the queries straightforwardly.

The ICCIM is the legal representative of the country’s businessmen and a center for private sector entrepreneurs’ associations.
Following is a summary of some of the key questions:
What are the challenges and opportunities for Iran in light of the current financial crisis and how should the country counter the repercussions of this crisis?
With the current difficulty in attracting foreign investment, what solutions do you put forward to increase foreign investment?
While most countries have sought to maintain the level of production and employment through injecting money into their economic systems, Iran has adopted a contractionary monetary policy. Will your administration follow the same policy?
What will you do to ensure that the country’s manufacturers can gain access to international markets?
To achieve the objectives of the 20-year Outlook Plan, how will you organize relations between your administration and other state bodies such as the parliament and the Judiciary?
In light of the current business situation in the country, what measures will you take to improve trade and business and remove obstacles to production?
What plans do you have to facilitate the absorption of workers into the manufacturing sector through technical training?
Given that the current rate of inflation has its roots in the country’s large budget deficit, the excessive use of the national foreign exchange reserve fund, the decision to cover national budget costs through borrowing, and the fact that many manufacturing sector companies are operating at a loss, what is your plan to rein in inflation?
In light of the current critical situation of the domestic economy and the global economy and the fact that the country’s industries are in urgent need of financial resources, what are your views on the redirection of state subsidies to support production?
Will you reform and strengthen the tax system by shifting from production taxation to consumption taxation?
Will you decrease the interest rate for banking facilities?
In your opinion, what has been the impact of oil revenues on Iran’s economy and also on the government’s relations with the private sector? What is your plan to end the government’s heavy dependence on oil revenues?
What is your strategic plan for the agricultural sector?
Attracting financial resources has become increasingly difficult for the mining sector in recent years. How do you plan to address this issue? What are your policies toward domestic and foreign private investors?
The tourism industry can play a significant role in producing a positive economic impact. What will your administration do to promote domestic tourism and attract foreign tourists?
What will your administration do to jump-start the housing sector and stimulate demand for construction materials?