U.S. wants to set up spy base in Afghanistan: Afghan MP

November 5, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN (FNA) -- The U.S. wants to establish a base in Afghanistan to collect intelligence on and organize espionage operations against Iran, Russia, and China, a senior Afghan lawmaker said on Wednesday.

The chairman of the Afghan parliament's Justice and Judiciary Committee, Ataollah Loudin, told FNA that the establishment of a U.S. military and intelligence base in Afghanistan should not be viewed at national levels as Washington is in pursuit of regional goals.
“The U.S. wants to establish a military and intelligence base in Afghanistan in pursuit of greater goals in the region which naturally include Pakistan, Iran, the Central Asian states, China and Russia,” he said.
Meantime, the lawmaker warned that the move would result in negative outcomes for Washington.
“The U.S. spying base in Afghanistan will be faced with the opposition of the regional states and the Afghan people, and this opposition will be harmful to the U.S.”
The legislator underlined that the move would run counter to Afghanistan's independence, and stated, “We will never permit a foreign state to have a permanent military and intelligence presence in Afghanistan.”
Any foreign state willing to remain in Afghanistan for a long time will have a fate similar to that of Britain 90 years ago and Soviet Union 30 years ago, he added.