Iran test-fires advanced Sejjil-2 missile

December 17, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Iranian Defense Ministry has announced that the upgraded version of the medium-range Sejjil-2 missile was test-fired successfully on Wednesday.

The missile is capable of traveling 2,000 kilometers.
Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said the major advantage of the upgraded Sejjil over the previous version is that it cannot be brought down by anti-missile systems.
The weapon is a two-stage missile powered by solid fuel which enters the atmosphere quickly and strikes the target at a high speed. These features along with the anti-radar shields make the missile almost undetectable.
“High precision is another notable feature of the missile,” Vahidi explained.
The defense minister called the missile test “a link in the chain” of Iran’s defense strategy, saying the test was in line with the Islamic Republic’s policy of enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities.
He went on to say that the Islamic Republic’s missile program is only defense-oriented and is not a threat to regional peace and stability.
Vahidi also highlighted the significant role the new missile will play in improving the tactical flexibility of Iranian military forces.
The missile and its launch pad have been designed and built by talented Iranian researchers and scientists.
In late September, Iran test-fired the original Sejjil-1 missile along with another missile of similar range, the Shahab-3, and a host of short-range missiles as part of a military exercise