Foreign military delegations witness Iran’s war games

May 11, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Military delegations from Iraq, Qatar and Oman observed the massive Iranian war games in the country’s southern waters.

The military delegations arrived in Iran on Sunday upon an invitation by the Defense Ministry to witness the eight-day Velayat-89 maneuver, which started on May 5. The military drill covers a span of about 250,000 square kilometers from the Strait of Hormuz to the northern Indian Ocean.
It is the first time that military officials from Iraq attended an Iranian military exercise as observers.
Qatari military delegation previously attended the Great Prophet 5 war games as observers. Those maneuvers were conduced by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in the Persian Gulf in April.
During the sixth day of the Velayat-89 war games on Monday, Iranian Air Force test-fired newly-updated air-to-surface missiles, General Mohammad Alavi said on Monday.
The missiles were fired from the country’s phantom fighter jets successfully destroyed the targets, FNA news agency quoted Alavi.
The Iranian Air Force experts have changed the missiles’ range, fuel, and navigation systems, he added.
On Sunday, Alavi said the Air Force had recently equipped its fighter jets with newly-developed sophisticated electronic warfare systems.
The army also tested the Fajr 5 missile system, which was recently deployed in the army, General Amir Heidari said on Monday.
Four Fajr 5 missiles were fired from land to sea and successfully hit the mock targets, he added.
Moreover, the Navy’s heavy submarines on Monday successfully test-fired domestically manufactured torpedoes at subsurface targets