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October 2, 2010 - 0:0

Central banker says forex price rise in government's favor

Central Bank Governor Mahmoud Bahmani has said foreign currency price rises will add reserves in the government's coffers, but insisted that unreal prices will be controlled. ""The government will earn revenues from selling oil at higher prices,"" Bahmani added. IRINN quoted Bahmani as saying that this year the Islamic Republic has the lowest rate of foreign debt. He added that the average rate of oil exports has not declined and the country is exporting half of the 4 million barrels of oil that it produces daily. The official went on to say that the average oil price in the past six months has stayed about $74 dollars a barrel.
--Mashaei undermines Ahmadinejad’s administration
MP Asadollah Badamchian says president’s chief of staff Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei is undermining Ahmadinejad’s administration. Badamchian told the Tabnak news website that Mashaei is “nothing” without his posts. The MP further noted the fact that the Guardian Council has prevented presidential advisors from meddling in the country’s internal affairs must not cause dispute between the administration and the Majlis. Badamchian said presidential advisor Hamid Baghaei has announced that the number of advisors would increase soon and therefore 132 MPs have signed a letter to the president urging him not to appoint new advisors.
Only 30 percent of Iranians use satellite
IRIB director Ezzatollah Zarghami has said only 30 percent of Iranians use satellite and this percent has not increased recently. The Research Center of IRIB is one of the most reliable polling centers in the country, Tabnak quoted Zarghami as saying on Thursday. He added that whenever a popular soap opera is on the national TV, the number of satellite viewers decreases considerably.
Haaretz newspaper proposes kidnap of Ahmadinejad while visiting Lebanon
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has suggested that Ahmadinejad be kidnapped while making a trip to Beirut in mid-October 13 where he will also visit southern Lebanon to inspect Hezbollah military bases where Israel was targeted by Hezbollah resistance fighters. The newspaper has said Ahmadinejad will also visit the Gate of Fatemia near the Israeli city of Metola, a place that would provide the best opportunity to abduct Ahmadinejad and put him on trial for denying Holocaust and inciting genocide.