Persian Press Review

March 16, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from the editorials, commentaries, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers.

Tuesday’s headlines
JAM-E JAM: Workers’ wage to increase 9 percent
JAM-E JAM: Foreign tours lucrative, domestic tours in doldrums
KHORASAN: Government criticized for inviting Jordan king to Tehran to participate in Noruz (Persian New Year) festivals
KHORASAN: Practical steps to build great Persian Gulf bridge starts at presence of president
HAMSHAHRI: Military assistance of Al-Saud to Al-Khalifa for suppression of Bahraini people JAVAN: Japanese in horror amid probability of third nuclear explosion
JAVAN: Four-year old child the first victim of the last Wednesday of the year (victim of fire festival)
HEMAYAT: Special measures to secure Noruz trips
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: Reactions to slander against Brigadier General Fazli (an IRGC commander)
KAYHAN: (FM) Salehi says there is no ‘Iranian Islam’
FARHIKHTEGAN: Turkey opposes NATO military attack against Libya
FARHIKHTEGAN: 120 liter gasoline (subsidized gasoline) for Noruz trips
KHABAR: Iran-U.S. relations in year 1390 (New Iranian year which starts on March 21)
Leading articles
MARDOM SALARI in a news analysis says Qasem Ravanbakhsh, editor-in-chief of the Parto publication, in a news report on his weblog has said chief of presidential chief of staff Rahim Mashaei in a meeting with young seminary students has presented them a book and two CDs about his speeches in gatherings of seminary students and Council of Iranians. However, some seminary students contacted the Parto publication calling the move inappropriate which may be a step for the future presidential campaign, something which is being directed by the president office! According to the weblog, Mashaei invited editors of university publications to the meeting of the Council of Iranians by giving air tickets, hotels and other facilities free of charge (the place of meeting is not named) and then delivered a speech for almost 2 hours. The report says it seems Mashaei needs the support of intellectuals for his plans as elites have can influence public opinion. The Parto publication which is under the supervision of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi says reports suggest that since Mashaei has great authority and his letters are effective visitors are urged to visit his office because it is said “if you want your problem is resolved, you must see Mashaei and definitely your problem will be resolved.”
JUMHORI ESLAMI in a commentary asks: “What is the role of Majlis?” The columnist quoting a parliamentarian as having said: “The Oil Ministry in the current year (March 2010-March 2011) has signed oil and gas agreements, but it has refused to inform the Majlis about any of them.” And then the columnist asks: “Now that the oil minister has violated the Constitution and has shown disrespect to Majlis representatives and declared none of oil deals to them and acted spontaneously… will the (Majlis) representatives impeach the oil minister to teach the others a lesson or not? Then JUMHORI ESLAMI ironically says in the view of MPs the signing of several deals which worth tens of billions of dollars does not worth creating tension, and in the current sensitive situation in which foreign and local enemies are seeking to undermine the system the country needs tranquility more than ever and in the light of preserving solidarity and unity the oil minister should not be impeached