Obama’s congratulation on New Year was funny: Iran’s Larijani

April 5, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said it was funny that U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated the Iranian nation on the beginning of the New Year 1390 (which started on March 21).

Although what he did was funny, the Iranian nation took lessons from it, Larijani stated at the open session of the Majlis on Monday.
It helped the Iranians know the U.S. duplicity better, he added.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani commented on the wave of popular uprisings that has spread like wildfire across the Middle East and North Africa.
One of the greatest achievements of the Arab revolutions was to expose the U.S. dishonesty and their behind-the-scenes intentions, he said.
“Today they (the U.S.) cannot claim that they are an advocate of human rights and are standing by other nations because they allowed foreign troops to crack down on unarmed (Bahraini) people,” Larijani added.
“The great movement taking place in West Asia and North Africa is an unprecedented event that has made the dictators and their supporters confused,” the senior lawmaker noted.
However, it would be unrealistic to expect a quick victory due to the West’s hypocritical approach, he added.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Majlis speaker said the calling of the new Iranian year the “Year of Economic Jihad” by the Supreme Leader was a good response to the enemies of Iran.
The three branches of the governments must work hand in hand to help improve the national economy, he said.