Qom urges Muslim scholars to break silence on Bahrain atrocities

April 6, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom has issued a statement in condemnation of violent suppression of Bahraini protesters, calling on the Muslim ulama (scholars) in the world to break their silence about merciless killing of Bahraini people.

In the statement, the Iranian religious scholars says, “Don’t the scholars and professors in Mecca, Medina, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and African countries hear the voice of the oppressed Bahraini Muslims? Aren’t they aware of the brutal massacre of Muslims and humanitarian disasters taking place in this country? Aren’t they informed about the invasion of foreign countries aimed at killing Muslims?
“If the answer is yes, so why have they remained silent?”
Elsewhere in the statement, the Iranian clerics say, “Today any Muslim’s silence is an obvious betrayal of Quran.”
In conclusion, the seminary teachers condemn the violent suppression of Bahraini protesters and call on ulama and influential scholars in the world to break their silence about the ongoing developments in Bahrain and make every effort to stop the killing of people and foil the evil plots of the enemies of Islam.