Advanced military equipment to be unveiled on Army Day

April 13, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Army Commander Ahmadreza Pourdastan has announced that the Army plans to unveil new domestically designed electronic warfare systems, telecommunications systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, submarines, and enhanced defense missile systems on April 18 which marks the National Army Day.

The Army commander made the remarks during a press conference held in Tehran on Tuesday to announce the Army’s plans for the National Army Day.
Brigadier General Pourdastan said that the Army will stage two major military war games during the current Iranian calendar year which started on March 21.
He went on to say that the Army is fully prepared to defend the country.
The Army’s strategists have drawn up the required operational tactics and contingency plans to repel enemies’ possible invasions, he said, adding the Army has also prepared plans for the asymmetric warfare.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Pourdastan said that in the future wars, the most important factor which can guarantee success is having skilled, committed, and faithful personnel, and fortunately the Iranian Army has no problem in this regard and is able to train the personnel it needs.
“Today, the Army is at the height of power and preparedness,” he stated.
The Army commander also announced that some reforms in the Army are on the way, saying today the country is faced with new security threats, so some structural changes will be implemented in the Army in proportion with the type and shape of the new threats.
He added that the Army plans to build new military bases in all border areas of the country and deploy its forces along the borderlines during the current year.
Currently, the Army units only protect the country’s west and northwest borders, and other security forces are stationed in other border areas.
On the Bahraini officials’ claim that Iran is meddling in their countries’ internal affairs, he said that the people of the countries in which the Islamic awakening has inspired the popular uprisings have some demands, and their governments instead of responding to these demands level unfounded accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
“These claims have been made in line with the arrogant powers’ policy of promoting Iranophobia,” he stated.
Every year the Iranian military holds a major parade on the National Army Day and during the parade the Army showcases its latest achievements including the new domestically manufactured military equipment.