Persian Press Review

April 23, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from editorials, commentaries, interviews, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers and websites.

Thursday’s headlines
KHORASAN: 12 Iranian engineers abducted in Afghanistan freed
KAYHAN: Continue your important missions, Leader writes in his decree to intelligence minister
JAME JAM: Head of Administrative Justice Court says complaints against state bodies has increased 28%
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ: MPs say it is necessary that president support the authority of intelligence minister
JAVAN: Seminary teachers, students protest over Bahrain crackdown
HEMAYAT: Judiciary chief criticizes West for its double-standard approach toward uprisings in Islamic world
MELAT MA: Be pioneer in strengthening national unity, developing country and helping Leader, Mohsen Rezaei suggests to Ahmadinejad and Hashemi (Rafsanjani)
DONYA EGHTESAD: Bubble in gold coin market bursts
TAFAHOM: President says today our mission is to build up Iran
IRAN: Write the history of Islamic Revolution correctly, Leader says
Leading articles
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ in an editorial entitled “Mull over Egypt”, says nowadays a resumption of relations between Iran and Egypt is greatly discussed by diplomatic circles and mass media. Some are looking at the issue very optimistically and think all issues between the two countries are being resolved and even talk about appointing an ambassador to Egypt or the Iranian foreign minister visit Egypt. The writer says showing great enthusiasm to relations with Egypt will cause troubles for diplomats in their negotiations for an equal partnership. The writer says such a mistake should not be made in regard to Egypt or any other country, as it would undermine national interests and put the country in a passive position. Showing too much interest for establishing a quick relationship with a particular country contradicts the nature of diplomacy as in foreign policy one should not act or behave emotionally. Unfortunately, certain figures who are not familiar with the basic principles of diplomacy equate personal connections with diplomatic relationships.
JAVAN quotes Expediency Council secretary Mohsen Rezaei as saying “I believe the Intelligence Ministry can be administered like the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).” He said in many developed countries intelligence is a “sovereign” issue and is beyond administrative affairs. He suggested that the Intelligence Ministry can be changed into an intelligence organization in a proper time. Rezaei said a few years ago that he raised the proposal, some reformists opposed it but he still believes that intelligence body should act under the supervision of the sovereign body. He added the three branches of government need intelligence information and the establishment also needs to be in contact with the intelligence matters. “I believe intelligence organization will be more successful than intelligence ministry” Rezaei stated