Instruments made by master Qanbari-Mehr donated to music museum

April 23, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – A collection of traditional and innovative musical instruments by master Ebrahim Qanbari-Mehr was recently donated to the Music Museum of Iran in Tehran.

The collection will be unveiled during a ceremony in the near future, museum curator Ali Moradkhani told the Persian service of MNA on Friday.
The 82-year-old master Qanbari-Mehr specializes in making violins, but he also makes and repairs traditional Iranian musical instruments.
The museum has plans to enrich the archive and hold programs in honor of masters of music in its upcoming programs, Moradkhani said.
The Music Museum of Iran is home to an extensive treasury of artifacts, including an assortment of paraphernalia belonging to Iranian musician Ali-Naqi Vaziri, and “Harmonic Photos”, which is a collection featuring leading Iranian musicians and instrumentalists.