Saudi women hold protests

April 25, 2011 - 0:0

A group of Saudi Arabian women have reportedly attempted to register for the kingdom's upcoming municipal elections, despite Riyadh's prohibition on female participation in the event.

The females had showed up to register with a related office in the western city of Jeddah on Sunday, AFP reported.
Scheduled for September 22, the polls form the kingdom's only public electoral event.
The protesters said they wanted their voices to be heard and decried exclusion from the public life.
The women's applications, however, where swiftly turned down.
Police dispersed a similar protest in the Eastern Province and rounded up two women.
Saudi women are deprived of a choice in marriage, divorce and children's custody. They are also not allowed to drive.
The females are dictated to and guarded by male relatives and cannot travel without the consent of a male guardian.
The Sunday protest came amid demonstrations across the kingdom by the jobless, demanding their share of the country's oil-driven economy and protests against Saudi Arabia's move to deploy troops in Bahrain to crack down on anti-government protesters there.
The protests rage despite a ban by the Interior Ministry on all kinds of demonstrations and public gatherings.
(Source: Press TV)