MP calls Arab League chief’s remarks on Iran ‘emotional’

April 26, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Chairperson of the Majlis Human Rights Committee has described the Arab League chief’s remarks against Iran “emotional, hasty, and undocumented.”

MP Zohreh Elahian made the remarks in response to Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa who has said, “The upheavals and winds of change sweeping some Arab countries would ultimately spill over and engulf Iran.”
Moussa has also defended the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s decision to dispatch Peninsula Shield forces to Bahrain, a measure which drew widespread criticism from the Iranian officials
“The deployment of Peninsula Shield units is legal and legitimate, being taken under the defense co-operation pact bonding the six member countries,” Moussa said, adding he is hopeful that Iran would realize this issue and understand its duty to build good neighborly relations in the Persian Gulf.
“The fact that you (Moussa) liken the regional developments to sweeping winds shows that you don’t have a positive opinion of the popular revolutions and it goes against your claims about democracy,” the Iranian lawmaker told the Fars news agency on Monday.
Iranian nation have always supported the Islamic Revolution and “no wind” can shake the foundations of a popular system, she said.
“But, in some regional countries the rulers obey orders of the United States and Britain instead of respecting their own people,” she added.