Ancient Mosque Discovered on Kish Island

March 18, 1999 - 0:0
TEHRAN Following a series of excavation operations in the ancient city of Harireh on the Persian Gulf's Kish Island, the archaeologists discovered the remains of a mosque which dates back to Ilkhanid Era. According to the Public Relations Department of the Cultural Heritage Organization, during the excavation operations headed by Fatemeh Karimi, a marvelous mosque with two minarets and two adytums, decorated with beautiful plaster works, was discovered.

The excavation operations were carried out in Harireh in line with a series of cultural heritage-sponsored researches named human and water researches. The above researches are aimed at studying the urban structure of the city, archeology and anthropology of the region. It is worth knowing that the excavation operations in the Harireh City were delayed for six years. The new phase of the excavation operations started in the city a few days ago after the Cultural Heritage Organization and the Kish Free Zone Organization During the previous excavations in the city, a luxurious house belonging to a rich family and a private bathroom as well as an industrial workshop were found on the coast.

Harireh City has recently been registered as part of the national heritage. It is located north of Kish Island in Bandar Lengeh.