Passage of resolution against Israel positive: human rights official

December 11, 2011
TEHRAN – Mohammad Javad Larijani, the secretary general of the High Council for Human Rights, has said that the passing of resolutions against the Zionist regime is a positive move but it is not enough. 

The Zionist regime is a tyrant regime whose officials have inflicted many injustices on humankind, Larijani told students at Tehran University on Sunday.

On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly passed nine resolutions related to Palestine as part of a set of 24 resolutions and two texts related to human rights and decolonization.

Larijani said all Palestinian people, including Muslims, Jews and Christians, should be allowed to decide on their own destiny. 

However, he said human rights resolutions against Iran in the UN are politically motivated which obviously shows certain countries are abusing the issue of human rights.

Through adoption of resolutions against Tehran they are actually ruining the reputation of the United Nations instead of harming Iran's interests, the politician commented. 

Commenting on the wave of Islamic awakening in Saudi Arabia, he said the situation in the country will change within the next two years as the wave of democracy and Islamic awakening will roll across the Arab kingdom.