Mogherini: EU, Iran need to cooperate to end Syria war

October 29, 2016 - 20:27

TEHRAN – EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday that cooperation between Iran and the EU is essential to help settle the crises in the region, especially in Syria.

The European Union needs Iran’s cooperation as an important regional country to resolve problems, said Mogherini who arrived in Tehran for talks with Iranian officials on Friday night. 

Rouhani also said Iran is ready to expand cooperation with the EU in various spheres in a way that serves the two sides’ interests.

“Iran and the European Union should use their capacities and the opportunities in line with expanding cooperation and meeting common interests,” Rouhani noted.

Rouhani said that Iran and the EU will be considered “great economic and business partners” in the region.

He also said that Iran is ready to cooperate with the EU in promoting civil rights in the Middle East region.

He added that “strict” behavior towards women in some regional countries is contrary to “human principles”.

Commenting on the fight against terrorism, he said that Iran is not willing to be militarily involved in the war against terrorists, but it will use its political power to exert pressure on some regional countries to stop support for the terrorists.

The president highlighted the necessity of Iran-EU cooperation in helping settle regional crises, insisting on Tehran’s position that the crises in the region should be resolved politically.

Rouhani also described terrorist acts in Iraq and Syria as a “serious danger” against the entire world.

Iran attaches great importance to establishing security in Syria, fighting the terrorists, protecting the country’s territorial integrity, and allowing the Syrians decide about the future of their country through ballot boxes, the president stated.

‘Nuclear deal has created opportunity to expand ties’ 

Mogherini also said the nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) has created a good atmosphere to expand cooperation.

The EU is determined to remain committed to the nuclear deal and expand economic relations with Iran, she added.

Iran and the six major powers clinched the nuclear agreement in July 2015 which took effect in January 2016. 


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