The People have removed shadow of war: Ayatollah Khamenei

April 30, 2017 - 20:9

TEHRAN - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the people’s active presence in different scenes have removed the shadow of war on Iran.

“Sometimes some say or said before that when we took office, the shadow of war faded away from the country; this is not correct; actually the presence of the people at the scene has removed the shadow of war and aggression on Iran during the years,” he said while addressing a group of laborers and entrepreneurs on Labor Day.

“When you see that the impertinent and bull-necked enemies are refraining from taking any harsh action against the Islamic Republic, it is because of the presence of the people. They fear the people. They are literally afraid,” the Leader noted.

He cited the people’s participation at the elections as the most important example of “national presence”, saying participation in the elections will guarantee the country’s security.

"The beloved Iranian people should know that their presence in various arenas is determining. It is determining for national security; if the people come to the scene, the country will remain secure."

Six candidates are running for the May 19 presidential election in Iran. The competition between the candidates, mostly from the principlist camp and the so-called moderate faction, is heating up as the election date is approaching.

The Leader said, “Anyone who likes the country, system and security should participate in the elections.”

Elsewhere, the Leader advised the presidential candidates to focus on serving the people and supporting the poor classes of the society.

Elsewhere, he called on the Interior Ministry, media outlets, Guardian Council and all the related bodies to protect the people’s votes and observe the law precisely.

The Leader also said that “jihadi and revolutionary work” is the only way to solve the problems in the country.

‘Government is duty bound to solve laborers’ problems’

The Leader also said the government, entrepreneurs and managers are duty bound to make efforts to solve laborers’ economic problems.

“Providing job security” and “laborers’ livelihood” are two important duties of the officials, he said.

He added that laborers are “backbone of economy and production”.

It is essential to attach great importance to “national production” in order to uphold laborers’ rights, he pointed out.


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