Jahangiri reinstated as Iran’s first vice president

August 8, 2017 - 17:11

TEHRAN – In an announcement on Tuesday, President Rouhani reinstated Es’haq Jahangiri as his first vice president.

Rouhani praised Jahangiri for his services during his first four year in the post.

Jahangiri contested the May presidential election, but withdrew candidacy in favor of Rouhani.

As a pragmatic politician, Jahangiri is a member of the central council of the Servants of Construction Party. During the presidential televised debates his popularity rose greatly, even superseding Rouhani in some debates.

Jahangiri was the minister of industries and mines from 1997 to 2005, under former President Mohammad Khatami. He had also served as the governor of Isfahan Province and a member of the parliament for two terms.

Jahangiri was born on January 21, 1958 in Sirjan County, Kerman Province. He graduated from the University of Kerman with a degree in physics. He later received a PhD from Islamic Azad University in industrial management.


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