Traffic rules for white cane walk take effect

October 7, 2017 - 18:10

TEHRAN – The traffic police started implementing new regulations on Saturday obliging drivers to respect right-of-way for visually impaired or disabled pedestrians.

The new regulations also apply to people who are pushing a pram or a wheelchair, or driving a wheelchair, a shopping cart, a suitcase or holding a white cane.

So far, wheelchair has been considered as a vehicle. As per the law, in case of an accident the wheelchair user who used to be treated as an operator will be provided with insurance coverage for pedestrian accidents. 

According to the newly enacted law, drivers shall reduce speed or stop whenever they see a pedestrian carrying a white cane.

Now the driver of a vehicle should give right-of-way at any intersection to blind persons carrying white canes and holding the cane with arm extended.


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