By Mohammad Ghaderi

Johnson's souvenir for Queen from a "special" trip

December 9, 2017 - 20:40

The unexpected trip by British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, to Tehran is of importance and its different aspects should be taken into consideration.

 On one hand, the BBC Persian, which is the Royal British media is trying its best to prepare the condition for the freedom of "Nazanin Zaghari", the double- citizenship culprit who is in Tehran’s jail at the moment. And on the other hand, Hamid Ba'idinejad, our ambassador to London, while calling this trip “special”, has confirmed the effort to make this happen.

A brief overview of Ba’idinejad’s talks about this trip and what is going to happen in Tehran between the two sides, along with emphasizing the importance of issues relating to the JCPOA, are generally some excuses for convincing the public opinion about the reason for this trip, and it doesn’t inform us about the real cause of Johnson’s trip.

Meanwhile, the BBC has, at least in its two reports on the issue, announced that the release of Nazanin Zaghari is one of the most important aspects of Johnson’s trip to Iran.

The BBC also reported that Mr. Johnson has said that he will convey the British authority’s criticism of human rights in his meetings with Iranian officials. He also said he is going to discuss other issues with Iranian authorities, including British concerns about Iran's role in the Middle East. "

Apart from Ba’idinejad’s justifications for this trip, and along with the BBC attempts, the historical vicious conduct of the British warn us that we should be extremely cautious about what’s happening in this trip.

To put it more precisely, the very principle that takes acceptable to have different methods while playing on the ground of politics and international relations, considers it important and necessary to have a smart conduct based on the historical experiences. Such a conduct is the guarantor of our national interests. Thus we should be careful and we should know that Boris Johnson is the representative of a government that inherits all kinds of betrayal and mischief towards the Muslim world, the nations of the region, and especially Iran.

Our historical memory will never forget the role of people like Margaret Gertrude Bell, Thomas Edward Lawrence, Shirley Brothers, Shapur, and Ardeshir Reporter, Arthur Balfour, etc. in planting the seed of schismatic in the Islamic world, and the evil role of the English court in the events of contemporary Iran and Middle East.

On this basis, at least from the point of view of “Theresa May” government, it appears that the expected achievements of Mr. Johnson's visit to Tehran are different from those estimated by our country's officials.

In this regard, the goals of Johnson's trip to Tehran, apart from his most important goal which is freeing Nazanin Zaghari, who knows a lot about MI6 and its secrets, can be summarized as follows:

1. Making a Balance and compensating for the superiority of the United States in the region. Given the proximity of Trump to the Saudi court, London's estimate is that it must maintain its active role in the region by approaching the Islamic Republic of Iran. The change in the tactical position of May’s government in relation to the issue of Yemen and Syria, supporting Qatar, and opposition to the recent action by Trump on Jerusalem, should be all assessed in this regard.

2. Competition with France and Germany in post-JCPOA economical atmosphere

after the deal between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, and Trump’s letting France to develop its trade and investments with Iran in spite of his decision on the JCPOA, London's efforts has doubled so that it won’t lose this market. The British pledges on helping to fully implement the JCPOA, preparing the condition for the re-presence of "Shell", etc. are due to this reason.

And finally, perhaps the freedom of Zaghari could be considered the best souvenir of Johnson from his trip to Tehran for the Queen of Buckingham palace; a gift given in return for a handful of British promises. We hope that the Iranian Foreign Ministry and the judiciary apparatus of our country will be cautious and take these issues into great consideration.

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