Miqan wetland fire extinguished after 16 hours

December 23, 2017 - 7:15

TEHRAN — Miqan wetland fire was successfully extinguished after 16 hours.

The wetland which is home to many migratory birds and plant species, was set on fire early on Friday. 

Located in the central province of Markazi, the wetland burnt in fire to the extent that it has compromised province’s air quality, Department of Environment official website reported. 

Due to the coldness of the weather the fire cannot be erupted naturally and is most probably human-induced, the provincial environment official Reza Mirzaei said. 

Drought spell and the dryness of the wetland added fuel to the flames and made the extinguishing efforts futile to some extent, Mirzaei said, adding, some 50 hectares of the wetland burnt in the fire and finally the fire was put out.

Fortunately the fire is far from the birds’ habitat and the animals are safe and sound, he noted.

Stretching over 25,000 hectares of land area the wetland in one of the main habitats to migratory cranes. 


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