Mahak advances in childhood cancer treatment

December 29, 2017

TEHRAN – The number of children with cancer that have been recuperated in the Mahak Society has increased by 9 percent year on year, ISNA quoted Mahak director Arasb Ahmadian as saying on Wednesday.

Founded in 1991, Mahak is a Tehran-based non-governmental organization dedicated to helping Iranian children suffering from cancer.

During 26 years of its activities, Mahak has covered 27,000 children with cancer, 23 percent of whom got cured and 58 percent are still undergoing treatment, Ahmadian highlighted. 

Unfortunately 19 percent of the children passed away, he regretted, adding, the number of children diagnosed with cancer have annually grown by 14 percent since 2004.  

The good news is that the constant development of technology and medical knowledge results in more effective drugs which boost the chance of cancer treatment, he added. 

Commenting on the crucial role of benefactors, Ahmadian mentioned that the treatment cost per capita for these children has raised 352 percent annually.  


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