MAHAK has supported 4,555 children with brain tumor during the past 28 years

June 10, 2019 - 19:54

TEHRAN-- Brain tumors are one of the most common cancers in children. This disease has numerous symptoms and if it is diagnosed in primary stages it can be controlled and treated to a great extent. 

In order to fulfill its mission of supporting cancer-stricken children and their families, MAHAK, a charity society dedicated to treating pediatric cancer in Iran, has supported 4,555 children with brain tumor by mid-March 2019. 

In addition, MAHAK has strived to maintain the belief that "Cancer is not the end". Procuring the required medications is the first concern for the families of cancer-stricken children at the present time. We believe that it is just due to your care and patronage that we can support 17,000 cancer-stricken children.

The symptoms of brain tumors include severe headaches, convulsions, visual impairment, hearing impairment, lack of balance, difficulty in speaking, change in behavior and personal characteristics and lack of concentration and ability to manage daily activities.

According to the Mayo Clinic pediatric brain tumors are masses or growths of abnormal cells that occur in a child's brain or the tissue and structures that are near it.

Many different types of pediatric brain tumors exist — some are noncancerous (benign) and some are cancerous (malignant).

Treatment and chance of recovery (prognosis) depend on the type of tumor, its location within the brain, whether it has spread, and your child's age and general health. Because new treatments and technologies are continually being developed, several options may be available at different points in treatment.

Treatment for brain tumors in children is typically quite different from treatment for adult brain tumors, so it's very important to enlist the expertise and experience of pediatric specialists in neurology and cancer.

Signs and symptoms of a brain tumor in children vary greatly and depend on the brain tumor type, size, location and rate of growth. Some signs and symptoms may not be easy to detect because they're similar to symptoms of other conditions.

Some of the more common symptoms of a brain tumor in children include: headaches, which may become more frequent and more severe, feeling of increased pressure in the head, unexplained nausea or vomiting, and abrupt onset of vision problems, such double vision.


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