Ali Khomeini: Western human rights not good for Iran

February 5, 2018

TEHRAN - Ali Khomeini, the grandson of Imam Khomeini, said on Monday that the Western human rights is good but not for Iran.

During a speech at Imam Sadiq University, he also said the UN does not support Iran in its resistance against the Western pressure. 

In August 2017, Tehran hosted a ceremony to commemorate the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day.

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said in December 2017 that the Islamic Republic should become the forerunner of the Islamic human rights across the globe.

He said the country’s efforts to uphold human rights are rooted in the principles and obligations stipulated in the Iranian Constitution.

Shamkhani also said that the human rights campaign launched by the hegemonic powers against Iran is politically-motivated, stressing that Iran should try to improve its human rights regardless of such counterproductive pressures.


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