Tehran city council approves child-friendly urban planning

February 18, 2018 - 20:16

TEHRAN -- Two proposals on child-friendly urban planning were approved by Tehran City Council on Wednesday.

The proposals on smart pedestrian crossing management includes installation of smart traffic lights and putting crosswalk in streets where schools and preschools are located, Khabaronline reported.

“We emphasize the need for improving safety of students and children in crossing streets and try our best to enhance their movements across the city,” council member Elham Fakhari said. 
Urban planning regarding young people encourages safe movement and social interaction. The better design of urban environment not only helps these children thrive and become healthier, but also such planning is beneficial for vulnerable groups including disabled and the elderly. 

Considering children in urban design provides a place for them to be safe and happy to explore different aspects of the environment they live in. although it is a time consuming task, it is a valuable project, which should start with little change. 

According the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Tehran, Iran is progressing towards democracy. The steps at times may look slow but the will of the people is towards the creation of a society with the rule of law and freedom for all. The idea of a child-friendly city plays well into this process of the evolution of a society, since it is in the realm of public participation. It is a learning experience for the people as well as officials to see the result and the process of a decision-making that includes people both to set the criteria and participate in the final say. 

Urban design is a process of communal decision-making. Eventually this process shall result in guidelines. Sometimes these laws are sufficient to give us the desirable environment. To make sure of success in achieving such an environment, people must share their opinions. 


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