By Setareh Behroozi

Doors open in cyberspace, please come in!

April 20, 2018 - 19:42

Have you ever tracked the amount of time you spend online? For me, it all started with installing a time-tracking app on my smartphone. It tracks minutes I spend on various sites or applications and the result was appalling! Logging 70 times in the messaging apps in less than two hours… and it was not very different for others when I asked them to install the application on their phones as well.

No doubt that our life is mingled with cyberspace. Social network is a part of our daily life, a double-edged sword, which we should be aware of.

Who can deny the impact of social media on improvement of information flow and connection between people? Through social networks, most people are now aware of news and incidents in few minutes and no one is waiting for news programs or tomorrow newspaper. Several civil and social movements formed in social networks. 

You can have face to face contact with dear ones who are kilometers away from you and get in touch with your friends and relatives by following their accounts.
Social networks has a great impact on our beliefs, lifestyle and our understanding from world around us. With social networks, several windows are opened to unknown lands. 

The point is this, are we selectors or selectees? How much we face news and information which are neither necessary nor beneficial for and to us? The charming sceneries we skim, make us more happy or discontent and stressful? And our flying time… alas!

Family gatherings or family groups?

Like other parts of the world, Iranians’ lifestyle and daily routines are influenced with social media, which spread globalization faster than before.

Iranians are famous for large family gatherings and reunions. Family networks bonds are strong in the country. Even in a neighborhood, the habitats used to form several communities with different motivations and in this way families establish strong connection with each other.

Although such gatherings and communities faded out due to urban life and modern lifestyle dominated in big cities, many people remain nostalgic about those connections.

Large family groups formed in Telegram and other social networks, are now reminding us of those weekend gathering. Tasty dishes cooked by grandma, children playing with each other and those pleasing sounds are missed by all members. Grandparents who learn to work with their smart cellphones cannot convince their families to put their cellphones away even in occasional gatherings.

Of course it is the same in all other parts of the world. However, the problem is more complicated in Iran since those gathering was a part of our cultural identity.

A part of past traditions belong to past, which should be kept in museum. But there are some rituals and habits, which are beneficial even in these busy days of modern life. Human being is a social creature and the blessing of gatherings with people whom you spend your childhood is a great chance, which cannot be replaced by forwarded messages we received in family groups.

Are we selectors or selectees in cyberspace? How much we face news and information which are neither necessary nor beneficial for and to us? The charming sceneries we skim, make us more happy or discontent and stressful? And our flying time… alas!

The door is open; come in! 

Just take a look at the traditional architecture in Iran and you find that the houses are composed of two parts andarooni and birooni. The andarooni, is in contrast to the birooni, and is a part of the house in which the private quarters are established. It means that the space for living is covered from strangers. Islamic beliefs also highlight these issues. However, exploring in Instagram, you can find every angels of different homes shared by users.

The users share their photos willingly on social networks, to share their ‘good taste’ and ‘happy life’ with each other. 

On one hand, with filtering photos, you as an addressee just find yourself unfortunate and sad. Colorful dishes, happy moms, tidy smiling kids, loving spouses and no trace of your real, everyday life can be found at this magic mirror.

On the other hand, as the owner of the account, you are now obsessed with every work you do during the day and every angel of your home, which leads into more ‘likes’ for you.

Many conventions and cultures are changed by time passing. The most absurd solution is to resist and deny the progress of technology and time.

It is a great idea to be in touch with each other in social networks, to share our happy and beautiful moments with each other on cyberspace but do not forget the beautiful life surrounded us. 

Live every moment and use cyberspace to rich your life. It is not a good place for living but a great choice to live more happily.


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